The environments we live, work, and play in are integral to all our lives. Like the design of products and services we use to the design of our lifestyles and careers, the design of the spaces we inhabit has a gravity on our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This gravity can be obvious or subliminal, but it always has an effect throughout our lives.


With design always with us, it’s important that it’s simple, functional, and timeless. Since 2009, Shift Interiors has been guiding clients to ensure their spaces compliment their lives and elevates their experiences. Understanding and developing our clients’ goals, expectations, and vision are always key.


As a full-service interior design studio, we specialize in private residential, from condos, townhouses, single family to multi-family homes, as well as boutique commercial spaces. Our team delivers professional services with personal insight to build interiors and relationships with residential and commercial clients. This also includes the contractors, tradespeople, and architects we trust and collaborate with. Located in a new office space in Kitsilano, the SHIFT interior design team helps clients across Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


We’re committed to delivering thoughtful and collaborative design solutions through our purposeful process. Every SHIFT project is simple, functional, and timeless.

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We will guide you through the many aspects of the design process. Through your dreams, concepts, needs, and wants, our expertise and insight will deliver the results you desire.


We approach every relationship with honesty and integrity, ensuring you’re comfortable and supported every step of the way.


Our design, services, and material selection are held to the highest quality standards as we treat every aspect of your project with the utmost respect.


Each project is the sum of its parts. We ensure every part of your project is top notch from beginning to end.


We all deserve great design. Whether we realize it or not, design is all around us, influencing and guiding our thoughts, feelings, and experience with the environments we live in. This is why we believe everyone deserves great design and we allow our values to guide us there.


We all face ups and downs in our personal and professional lives. Through it all, we must always support one another’s growth.


Great collaboration breeds great results. The genuine connection between our team, our clients, and our partners makes all the difference.


We want to empower our clients to believe in their ideas and be an active part of the design journey.


Respect for the thoughts, time and effort of everyone involved is top priority for us.


Nothing is more valuable than time. To achieve thoughtful, quality design the right amount of time needs to be invested so you can enjoy the results of our work well into the future.


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