Shift designs beautiful spaces that breed wellness and spur transformation.

We are Shift

We design spaces that breed wellness and spur transformation.

Shift believes in the power of design to enhance every aspect of life. Great spaces helps all of us deepen our most important relationships, improve our physical and mental wellbeing, and spend more time doing what we love. It all starts by getting to know you better.


Jamie Deck

Creative Director, DID

Jamie, like most creatives, has always had a natural inclination towards all things art. Influenced by the philosophy of "Less is more" and the simple, natural way of life of a seasoned yogi, Jamie strives to create spaces and relationships that communicate through simplicity and transparency. She sees the universality of clean lines and defined volumes with a certain democratic value to it and her practice is all about that, it’s about telling a story without having to speak out.

Being a creative director is just one of the titles she holds to fully immerse herself in the arts. But she is also fully devoted to her daughter, who is as a constant reminder to live life to the fullest. Her strongest asset? Her intuition and optimism. Which has led her to build Shift and the culture behind it, one of integrity, debate, constant curiosity, and creativity.

Foojan Kasravi

Interior Designer, CID

Foojan is a self-declared minimalist who loves to make 3D models, the product of an obsessive attention to detail honed during her Bachelor’s in Interior Design from BCIT. She is passionate about collaborating with talented artists and makers to create timeless designs that transcend trends. She is a compassionate leader of diverse creative teams, acutely aware of the holistic nature of the design process.

Though Vancouver is now home, Foojan’s design philosophy is shaped by her roots in Tehran and a continuous learning mindset. Her wealth of design inspiration is fed by regular exposure to different cultures on international trips.

Miguel Lopez de Lara

Operations & Admin

Miguel is constantly defying the laws of gravity to balance his life and work. He passes on his immense knowledge of the ancient and complex philosophy of yoga while also mastering the analysis, logistics, and operations area at Shift.

During his previous experience in the hospitality world travelling to different places and experiencing other cultures, Miguel grew to understand, appreciate, and admire the complications and intricacies the area of customer care encompasses.

Kelsey Whettel

Interior Designer, DID

From an early age, Kelsey's exposure to the interplay between the built environment and the human experience of daily life, as well as the richness of material culture, has driven her to create spaces that merge her passion for the mountains and the West Coast forest, with the art of refining the human experience through simple details. Her positive outlook, creativity, and unwavering persistence to reach her goals, have led her to the development of multiple award-winning projects.

Kelsey is often spotted in the great outdoors, snowboarding, hiking and enjoying music festivals. Her personal style? Edgy, but classy, but also outdoorsy.

Florencia Munaretto

Interior Designer, DID

In a nutshell, Florencia is a creative. Whether that’s creating an experiential space for a family, leading core content development, or art directing situations, Flo is building intricate and creative storytelling across different platforms at Shift.

Infused with the rich cultural heritage of Argentina and Brazil, she is influenced by Modernist teachings and principles along with ancient thought and practices which understand craft and accumulated knowledge as an intrinsic part of the human heritage. Her personal philosophy? life is too short, and it’s important to do the things you fancy, like going wine tasting (it’s proven to be essential to people’s happiness and productivity) and exploring new places with the people you love, like her dog and fiancée. 

Andrea Spiegel

Operations and Strategy

Andrea finds solace in collaborating with imaginative entrepreneurs, whether it entails ensuring clear goal definition, identifying gaps in current systems, or mapping out tangible strategies for sustainable growth. With 15 years of leadership and management experience spanning multiple industries, her expertise brings order to the chaos at Shift and aids us in aligning our business with our vision.

Beyond her strategic endeavours with clients, you might find Andrea contributing to not-for-profit foundations, gardening, embarking on hikes, or gliding through the snow-cloaked trails of Whistler alongside her loved ones.

Sarah Badin

Interior Designer, CID

For Sarah, design transcends the realm of mere aesthetics; she describes it as a kaleidoscope of volumes, forms, and colours—an exquisite medium of expression that evokes emotions.

Hailing all the way from Paris and having been exposed to a diverse range of cultures and art forms in Vancouver, Sarah knows how to fearlessly incorporate unconventional elements into her designs, infusing them with the delightful quirkiness that challenges the status quo.

In quiet times, Sarah cherishes the company of a classic glass of wine and visits to art exhibitions. Yet, her ultimate source of happiness and ally is undoubtedly her daughter Margaux—a companion who shares her appreciation for the wonders of life, with the exception of the occasional indulgence in wine, naturally.

Jennifer Wong

Interior Designer, DID

Having settled in Vancouver during her formative years, Jennifer marvels at the transformative power of design on cultural landscapes and the other way around. Inspired by her childhood haven nestled within the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, Jennifer's journey took her from a BSc in Conservation Biology at UBC to the enchanting realm of sustainable interior design at VCAD.

Jennifer likes to embark on a lifelong journey of learning that permeates both her professional and personal life. At home, her role as a mother has gifted her with a wealth of wisdom and insight, which she has dutifully absorbed with open arms.

Natalie Fu

Interior Designer, DID

Natalie is a Vancouverite from birth to her BComm in Accounting and Marketing at UBC. But then her passion for interior design transplanted the CA to Parsons at The New School of Design in NYC where she developed her own philosophy of interior architecture, design and minimalism.

With infinite respect for the fine arts and the craftsmanship of every trade, Natalie is immersed in every step of a project from sketch to construction. Working across residential and commercial spaces, she has the humility to learn from others and the confidence to lead with integrity. In her own home, her toddler helps her to hit pause if not snooze.

Gina Cantu

Interior Designer

As Shift’s senior designer, Gina draws on her BA in Architecture from Tecnológico de Monterrey to transform sketches into real-world builds. Her simple, quiet, functional spaces express a passion for both modern Scandinavian aesthetics — inspired by an exchange visit to Finland — and the Mexican architectural tradition.

Gina treats clients and colleagues with respect and kindness, and her personal integrity is self-evident in projects from Mexico to Canada. Since childhood, she was drawn to the arts, especially piano and ballet. Today, two sweet, wild boys still keep her on her toes. When full-time motherhood allows some me-time, Gina is a keen cyclist and lover of food and travel, preferably in combination.

Olga Chernishkina

Office Assistant

Born in Azerbaijan and raised in Seattle, Olga gained her degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington University. In keeping with her stellar academic achievements, Olga is a pillar of calm and efficiency at Shift, no matter how busy it gets. Humble, positive and compassionate, she is an integral part of the team spirit so vital to the wellbeing of a successful workplace.

An adventurous traveller and dedicated walker, Olga’s happy place is her paddleboard. Her eleven-year-old daughter is her anchor and a constant source of optimism.

Neda Jazbi

Interior Designer, DID

Heritage and lineage guided Neda along her creative journey, from one of Iran’s most prestigious art schools to Emily Carr, where she earned her BA focusing on sculpture and installation, and then BCIT’s Design Program. Her father was an accomplished architect in Tehran who inspired a lifelong pursuit of beautiful design and meaningful spaces.

At Shift, Neda manifests interior motifs that draw on Eastern and Western traditions. In her work, Neda is humble and compassionate as she strives to use her skills to make the world a better place, while at home her son shows the love and kindness that make it all worthwhile.

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