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Our Services for New Homes and Renovation projects

New Homes & Renovations—
All the way, from abstract concept to full fledged reality

We are a full service interior design firm specializing in residential projects. We invest the time in getting to know you — your values, your needs, your desires. Through an immersive process, we design homes that exude authenticity and enhance wellbeing.

Our bespoke design services are personalized for each project and every client. We cover every stage of the project life cycle so that you can go about your life as normal. That means being there all the way with you to supervise construction and ensure vision and goals are executed as planned.

Creating a home is a carefully planned journey. Following is the design process that will take you there.


Creating a beautiful home starts with gathering the functional, technical and visual information that will impact the design. In this early stage we discuss your needs and desires, we clarify your vision. We also review all your sources of inspiration, as well as imagery and architectural design plans.

Schematic design

We distill your vision and establish design direction and concept for your home. We then move forward to design every detail from floor to ceiling, including the selection of fixtures, hardware and doors. Every room is presented with key inspiration images showing key requirements and functionality for the space. Your input and requests are prioritized to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

Design Development

Our expert team sets out to create detailed drawings and specifications. A full budget, including construction directives for the design is presented at this stage. We give you access to a complete project file populated with all required documentation to ensure your contractor knows how to navigate the design and execute as per our indications.

Construction Documentation

Upon full review and sign-off with you and your construction team, all drawings and guides required to tender and construct the interior design of your home are delivered. At this stage the final costing to complete as planned is established.

Construction Management

In an effort to make the build process easy to navigate for you, we assist with decision-making and mediating between your contractor and you. This means building a strong relationship with everyone working on your site, providing direction and answering their questions.

Our Services for Furniture & Decor projects

Furniture & Decor—
From pristine form to thoughtful function

Furniture and decor greatly affect the way we feel inside a space. A carefully balanced space can transform a house into a home. At Shift, we design homes that bring quality and joy to everyday living. Each step of our process will bring your spaces closer to function, comfort and wellness.


Careful planning and a truly thorough and thoughtful process are prerequisites to creating a beautiful home. Here we also work with you to compile all the functional, technical and visual information that will ultimately inform the design of your space. We set out to pin down your vision including your true needs and desires. All sources of inspiration are carefully considered and discussed, as well as imagery and architectural design plans.

Design Concept & Space Planning

We develop a design concept for your home. This concept is presented with personalized mood boards and floor plans to establish the overall look and feel of each space in your home. Upon approval, we then start to select and source each piece of furniture for the space.

Sourcing & Procurement

With a fully articulated design concept in place, we source all the furniture and decor to suit your space, personal style and budget. We create a detailed floor plan with usage suggestions as well as alternative placement and look. We then present you with options and send you shopping with a detailed plan including where to go and what to see. When you are done, we sit with you to review your selections and feedback before we put together finishes, fabrics and quoting for a sign-off.

Quoting & Ordering

We present you with a furniture proposal for review and sign off. This includes fabric and material samples for all of the approved furniture pieces. With that, we place and manage all orders and we coordinate an ideal installation time frame. Finishing touches and a plan for art and accessories are discussed with you at this point.


At this stage, we share with you our recommended art and accessories package, along with a budget for discussion. We work closely with you to review, refine and select all items. We then source and curate every piece before ordering and prepping for installation.


Everything is ready to be installed at this point. All required furniture, art and accessories are in place for installation and our team takes over your space to fully supervise this final stage. Furniture installation, art hanging, TV wall mounting, and any other tasks as required are executed under our careful watch. We style shelving, fluff pillows and make the bed, all to deliver a move-in ready home experience for you. By now, you can kick back in your new space, or focus all your energy on planning that housewarming party.

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