Who is Jamie Deck

December 28, 2023

Who is Jamie Deck, the founder of Shift.

Apart from being the founder of Shift Interiors,

she is also a yogi, a full-time daughter devoted mom, and an enthusiastic creative director.

Above all else, Jamie is deeply interested in the strategic transformation of spaces

focusing on the planning that underlies the creation of environments that shape human lives. These are places that come alive and invite the touch through the material exploration, textures, shapes, and comfort.

For Jamie, design goes beyond mere aesthetics. It involves creating spaces where essential elements are easily accessible, where functionality seamlessly blends with the human experience.

She believes that achieving this requires merging a minimalist lifestyle with Scandinavian efficiency and following a Japandi philosophy. This approach to design is more essentialist, resulting in spaces that are both purposeful and uncomplicated.

Jamie Deck

Over the past decade

Jamie has been occupied with managing Shift and collaborating creatively with designers under her guidance. She greatly appreciates this collaborative aspect of design, where people from different backgrounds and cultures come together, enriching the field and making it more interesting and fascinating, in her opinion.

At the core of both, her personal and professional pursuits, Jamie embraces the renowned "less is more" philosophy.

Wether it's evident in her dedication to savoring the most meaningful moments while imparting life's wonders to her daughter or in her deliberate choice to surround herself with those she deems indispensable, individuals who not only inspire her best self but also enthusiastically support her journey of growth and success.
In Alberta
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December 28, 2023