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Jamie Deck

SHIFT’s Creative Director and Principal Interior Designer, Jamie Deck, is an award-winning graduate of the Malaspina University College design program. She’s always buzzing with creative energy and ideas that push the envelope of traditional design. A lover of sports and art since she was a child, her mind is as active as her body which lends itself to her passion for spaces that support the ways in which we move and create.



Inspired by her dad’s innate passion for architecture and design, Jamie’s interior design vocation is in her blood. Her education in design and career-building work at an architectural firm led towards her 2007 “shift” into interior design. Her entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit led to her found SHIFT Interiors over a decade ago.

Jamie Deck



Florencia Munaretto


Florencia has colourful roots. Born in Argentina and raised in Brazil she`s influenced and inspired by modernism and classical styles.
Her favorite part of the design process is developing the concept of every project. She has an inclination for naturalism and the things that connect human beings to the essentials of living.
Joining SHIFT as an intermediate Interior Designer, she brings her playful and cheerful personality to the table, helping us collaborate with clients and facilitating smooth project completion. When she is not soaked up in work you can find her paddle boarding, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.




Sean brings his impressive background as both a BCIT interior design program and Bachelor of Business Administration graduate, and wide-ranging experience from construction to interiors to the SHIFT team. With a diverse range of skills and a creative eye for fashion and styling and merchandising, his talent is transparent in the detailed and sophisticated way he approaches design. Our clients are lucky to have his distinct taste and skillset on their side from project conception to completion.

Shift Interiors | Vancouver BC Canada



Miguel brings a healthy dose of zen to the SHIFT team. With his history as a yoga instructor, he understands the need for “flexibility” within a space. His rich background in sales propels Miguel’s efforts to solve problems for clients easily and keep our team in the right mindset for success.

Foojan Kasravi _ Head shot _ BW

Foojan Kasravi


Foojan complements the Shift team by bringing in her passion for minimalism and a detail-oriented design approach. Born in Tehran and raised in Vancouver, she presents a holistic approach to all phases of any project: from the concept development where Nature functions as her main source of inspiration, to the construction and completion stage when she gets to collaborate and support local artists and other designers.

“Seek to connect with those who see beyond the pretty picture and believe change is necessary to make a better living.” Foojan K.

IMG_6319 alex



Alexandra was born and raised in Vancouver, having also spent time abroad. Her academic experience with psychology previous to her Interior Design formation at BCIT brings to the SHIFT team a behavioral focus to design, considering aspects such as how a space can impact people’s thoughts, emotions, and reactions. She also loves puzzles, and space-planning is her favourite part of every project. When she’s not soaked up in design, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, snowboarding, hiking, cruising the seawall or hopping into Kits pool.

IMG_2495 sarah

Sarah T


Sarah’s broad interest and experience with creative endeavours and administration became a valuable asset to the Shift team since she joined us in 2019. Born and raised in BC, she enrolled into BCIT’s Interior Design Fundamentals program after spending several working holidays abroad. Collaborating with other designers, she brings her influences from nature, literature, film, art, music, and fashion to create a mix of modern/contemporary minimal designs that incorporate warmth and character of traditional methods.

“I love that design encompasses so many different forms of creativity and really enriches lives through the transformation of spaces. The before and after; the story. I love the details and seeing everything be brought together from idea to reality.” Sarah T

Shift Interiors | Vancouver BC Canada



Shayna’s warm personality and “yes” attitude makes her our go-to-girl for client communications and SHIFT’s social side. Her colourful background in theatrics and the fine arts has given her the ability to exercise both sides of her brain effortlessly. She runs installs like a well-oiled machine, tasking needs for our business to run efficiently. A hard-worker, SHIFT is lucky to have her as an extension of our team and appreciates what she brings to the table.


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