Jamie Deck

SHIFT’s Creative Director and Principal Interior Designer, Jamie Deck, is an award-winning graduate of the Malaspina University College design program. She’s always buzzing with creative energy and ideas that push the envelope of traditional design. A lover of sports and art since she was a child, her mind is as active as her body which lends itself to her passion for spaces that support the ways in which we move and create.



Inspired by her dad’s innate passion for architecture and design, Jamie’s interior design vocation is in her blood. Her education in design and career-building work at an architectural firm led towards her 2007 “shift” into interior design. Her entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit led to her found SHIFT Interiors over a decade ago.

Jamie Deck



Foojan Kasravi


Born in Tehran and raised in Vancouver, Foojan’s interest in design was sparked by influences from her travels and international point of view. She attended design school at BCIT, where she received her Bachelor in Interior Design. Foojan approaches design with a holistic view, and loves collaborating with local artists and makers. Her innate sense of style and obsessive attention to detail make her an intuitive designer who challenges those around her to “think big.” With this visionary approach, she employs a wealth of inspiration and a keen sense of the newest movements in design to pursue elegant and timeless work that truly tells a story. A minimalist at heart, her immaculate eye for detail will elevate any design. Foojan’s love of travel and nature function as her main design inspirations, and she will seize any opportunity to get out camping, or to travel somewhere new.

“I see each project as an opportunity to challenge people to become a different version of themselves or learn something new about the world through the space”


Alex Shaw


Alex was born and raised in Vancouver, and has spent time living abroad in London and Edinburgh, UK. The daughter of a photographer and a carpenter, her love of art and design is deeply ingrained. Alex obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at UBC, and was particularly interested in ergonomics, or the study of how people function in their day-to-day spaces. This led her to attend BCIT, where she studied residential Interior Design. When she’s not wrapped up in design, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, cycling, hiking, cruising the seawall or hopping into Kits pool.

“I like to bring a behavioral focus to design, considering aspects such as how a space can impact people’s thoughts, emotions, and reactions. I enjoy a good puzzle, so space-planning is my favourite part of every project!”


Kelsey Whettel


Kelsey attended business school in her home town of Kamloops, but both the city and the subject were a bit dry for her tastes. She found her heart was in design, so she made the easy decision to leave the business world to obtain a diploma at the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver. When she’s not focusing on interior spaces, Kelsey is enjoying snowboarding, hiking, biking, camping and all of the great outdoors. Kelsey is a conscientious and organized team player, who always goes the extra mile.

“Growing up, my parents were always working on home projects and it always piqued my interest. After graduating from design school in Vancouver, I was too in love with the ocean and mountains to leave the city! Now I get to combine my love of the west coast with my love of family homes and our wonderful clients.”


Sarah Badin


Sarah has always had an appreciation for multiculturalism, and where “the old” meets “the new”. Born and raised in Paris, the city exposed her to a range of cultures, ethnicities, and social classes, and to how common ground can be found through forms of art, music, cuisine, and design. Her love of travel, art, food, and wine motivated her to live in several countries, including England and Australia. After a Bachelor in Science of Communications at Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris, she attended BCIT for Interior Design and settled in Vancouver.


“My design sensibility was sculpted by exposure to such an array of cultures, arts, architectural styles, and designs. It made me understand design is about merging different worlds together and should be appealing to all senses. A lot of my inspiration comes from my daughter Margaux. She fills my life with colour – She motivates me to think harder and deeper, to push my boundaries. She has made me a better person and a better designer! She’s always excited to go to any art or design exhibition we can find here or abroad.”




Born and raised in Iran, Neda attended art school instead of a traditional high school, studying graphic design at one of Iran’s most prestigious art schools. After graduation, Neda moved to Canada where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Emily Carr, with a focus on sculpture and installation. This propelled her to a 3-year interior design program at BCIT with a focus on both residential and commercial design.

Neda’s eye for design is deeply ingrained: Her father is an architect whose work included the houses Neda grew up in. She was inspired and intrigued by his creative use of space and materials, leading to her appreciation for art, design, and interiors.

“I knew this was the path I needed to be on. Growing up in Iran and being so immersed in this rich culture and history gave me a strong foundation and an appreciation for spaces and how people interact within them.”




Miguel brings a healthy dose of zen to the SHIFT team. With his history as a yoga instructor, he understands the need for “flexibility” within a space. His rich background in sales propels Miguel’s efforts to solve problems for clients easily and keep our team in the right mindset for success.

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